Please be sure to read the user policy, and if you accept it,
press the “Connect to Internet” button.

User policy

USEN Free Wi-Fi is a public wireless LAN connection service available in the store provided by USEN CORPORATION.


We do not warrant that the performance and quality accompanying the provision of this Free Wi-Fi service (hereinafter referred to as this service) fit for any particular purpose. Although this service does not require authentication registration, due to the nature of the service, we shall not be liable in case of suffering any direct, dependent, consequent, indirect, or punitive damage, expense, loss or debt as a result of using this service.

Prohibited matters
  1. (1) Usage that libels, defames or discredits others
  2. (2) Usage that is, causes, or incites a criminal act
  3. (3) Usage that violates or is liable to violate intellectual property and other rights of other people
  4. (4) Usage that violates or is liable to violate privacy, portrait rights, or property of others
  5. (5) Usage impersonating others or sending harmful computer programs
  6. (6) Usage to send emails for commercial publicity or solicitation to many and unspecified persons without the consent of the person
  7. (7) Usage that disrupts the use and administration of telecommunications facilities by a third party
  8. (8) Any other usage that does not comply with the public order or significantly infringes on the rights of others.